Tips For Planning A Last Minute Vacation

For most working class individuals, leisure travel requires increasingly tedious planning. Due to busy work schedules and other life responsibilities, most leave making travel plans till the last minute. Avoiding travel issues is key to enjoying one’s holiday. Often, a few unforeseen hassles pile up and result in an overall bad travel experience.

Topping the list of problems which arise when making last minute travel plans is the hassles of getting a visa. However, as daunting as this may seem, it should never stop anyone from embarking on holiday travels.

To help such busy individuals, here are a list of countries both inside and outside Africa where you don’t need a visa to visit.

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West Africa

A country of friendly and welcoming people, Ghana is increasingly becoming a favorite tourist destination. As part of ECOWAS benefits, Nigerians can enter the country visa-free. The country is famous for it’s various slave trade historic artifacts such as forts built by the British, Dutch, Danish, Germans, Portuguese, and the Swedish dotted along the coast. You can also hang out on the beautiful beaches such as Kokrobite and Winneba; visit the two renowned national parks inland, or check out the remote history of the Ashanti.


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Carribbean Region

Barbados, partly famous for being the birth country of world renowned pop singer, Rihanna, welcomes Nigerian passport holders for up to six months visa-free. This country is located in the western area of the North Atlantic and about a hundred kilometres east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea. Here, English is an official language so communication is not an issue. Barbados boasts of 60 amazing hotels and beach resorts and several more restaurants with delightful cuisines. For travellers interested in shopping, Bridgetown, Barbados’ capital city, has everything from high end jewellery shops to smaller boutiques.



Central Africa

While Cameroon isn’t the largest country in Africa, in some ways it is as “big” as Africa itself. Known as “Africa in miniature” it has both French and English speaking regions, diverse religions dominated by Muslim and Christian faiths, various terrain including rain forest, desert plains, mountains and high plateau and the tallest mountain in West Africa. This country shares its Eastern border with Nigeria, and is a member of ECOWAS hence allowing visa free entry into the country by Nigerians. While in Cameroon, you can visit tourist sites like the Limbe Botanic Garden, Benedictine Museum of Mont Febe, National Museum of Yaounde and the Kribi.



West Africa

Cape Verde, a former Portuguese colony, offers Nigerian passport holders visa-free entry. This island country is located off the West African coast. The official language is Portuguese and the national language is Kriolu. The weather is welcoming due to the surrounding seas. Tourism flourishes in Cape Verde, making it a great destination for holidays. Cape Verde reputed to be a safe destination for solo women travellers. There are a number of local delicacies to be enjoyed by visitors. This is a great place for Nigerians to visit without a visa.



South Pacific Ocean

The Republic of Fiji is situated in the South Pacific Ocean. 333 islands are within its territory and about 800000 people are native here, its capital city is Suva with English being among its official languages. This Oceania country is reputed to have one of the most developed economies in the Pacific region. As a Nigerian Passport holder, you are allowed to visit for 4 months without a visa, you may however need a visitor’s permit during the period of your stay. A permit can be renewed once the visa-free period has elapsed. In Fiji, you can explore the jaw dropping beaches, see diverse marine life and take in some beautiful tropical scenery.

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