Health is the level of functional and metabolic efficiency of a Living organisms as defined by Wikipedia; However, the world Health Organisation (WHO) defined health in broader sense in its 1948 constitution as a state of complete, physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

African traditional Health practices though with an element of spirituality agree with this definition, traditional African medicine practitioners in time past held unto the the belief that illness is not derived from chance occurrence but through spiritual and social imbalance. Proponents of this school of thought has viewed the African healing process as magic or sometimes called black magic. Even though this seems unbelievable, many young entrepreneurs in Africa are riding on this myth to build ventures in the natural health field.

mixed tea leaf in bag

Natural Health remedies brings up a perspective of enjoying life as nature intendeds. This fits perfectly into the African Traditional health practices as healers makes use of Herbs and plants   which is quite plentiful on the continent in their natural form. Before the establishment of science based medicine, herbs has been the source of healing with 80% of the population still relying on this medicine till this date. Natural  Health medicine has nothing to do with magic or mysticism but seeks to promote health and wellness through alternative medicine which seek answers and explanations from Nature.

In our quest for answers, we profile Tree of Life Natural Health Store based locally in Accra-Ghana. The founder Virginie de Gheldere brings together tested and trusted diverse Natural Health remedies on the continent. The use of this items in the form of Herbs is quite popular but the knowledge of these herbs resides with selected few, this is naturally gotten from knowledge   passed down verbally and orally from past generations. Her passion for remedies started as a hobby developed from living in various countries and mingling with the different cultures. Documentation of these natural health practices paved the way for the the tree of Life Natural health store.

Founded by a certified nutritionist; aromatherapist and herbalist with a hands-on experience on the use of the african natural herbs in curative medicine; Tree of Life aims to target health conscious individuals  who want to be beautiful and healthy naturally. Herbs and Plants which are the basic raw materials for these remedies  is sourced locally from the regions and cultures where they are grown . These Remedies are then hand crafted in small batches  with full  traceable  and many quality controls which cancels the fear and skepticism surrounding the use of African Herbs.

Tree of Life brings health, wellness and beauty to life.

Brand Name: Tree of Life

Motto: Beautiful and healthy naturally

Phone Number: +233 50 615 26 85

Biz address: Osu Badu Street, Dzorwulu, Accra


Social Media: Facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter @treeoflifeghana