Africa history share an epitome of art, architecture and design. Its architecture can be traced to the early days of pharaoh when Egyptians built pyramids that continue to defy modern arts and architecture till today. African architecture is continuously inspiring,diverse, embracing with root from pre and post colonial era to today`s modern day technological advance structures covering both formal and informal settlement in its fastest growing cities.


The Obama Legacy Campus to be built in Nairobi Kenya. Project Currently in planning stage by kere-architecture. Source

Many African home and abroad have been able to make impact in the global landscape shuttering from Europe, US and Asia. Most notable of them are David Adjaye, Adjaye’s most prominent project is the Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC. Diébédo Francis Kéré founder of kere-Architecture and NLÉ Architects founded by Kunlé Adeyemi The Nigerian architect’s behind Makoko Floating School.

Alara Lagos An Architectural Masterpiece was designed by David Adjaye. Source

Some say Art it life, It actually tells the African story in a simple and emotional way. No wonder African arts are continuously gaining global attention with many selling off in high prices in auction houses around the globe. According to Financial Times in 2012, an annual Bonhams contemporary African art auction into its fourth year garnered a record sale price of £541,250 for a piece from established Ghanaian sculptor El Anatsui. His tapestry, which charts the globe with flattened bottle tops, is named “New World Map”.

The Ghanaian artist El Anatsui. Credit Chester Higgins Jr./The New York Times

In other words, African art when considered as a market opportunity always leave a tone of convulation & multiple faced history well beyond the face.

Four of the most prominent contemporary artists of African origin move with ease between Africa and the rest of the world. Julie Mehretu was born in Ethiopia and lives in New York, as does Kenyan-born Wangechi Mutu; El Anatsui (whose beer-bottle-top “fabrics”—pictured—are instantly recognizable) was born in Ghana, has worked for much of his career in Nigeria, and has been exhibited all over the world, as has William Kentridge, a white South African according to the economist.

African are not relenting on this giant strides,with many of its youthful population doing a lot to promote artist or make fortune out of their works. Our team met with Flore.A ouattara from Ivory Coast. A space and graphics designer by profession she founded Afrique design daily in September 2016. ADD is an online blog that aim to reveal the African Artistic creativity to the world. A graduate of School of Art and Design from Marseille, France and Beijing, China, Flore aims to tell the African design story through a totally different medium.Since its lunch, Afrique designs have gained followers all around the African continent and Europe, With its multilingual site, more people are being reached in their own language with subjects that covers Southern, Northern, Eastern, Western Africa and its diaspora.

Flore.A ouattara from Ivory Coast Founded ADD in September 2016 and the results has been very impressive

My vision is that tomorrow, more Africans would show interest in its Arts.

Flore blog have featured interesting works from talented African artists such as Ifeanyi Oganwu (Nigeria), Alami and Farida Lazraq (Morocco), Jide Martin (Nigeria), Derrick Adams, Moufouli (cotonu) and Soro Pehah Jacques Ivory Coast, with a 6 member team with task distribution such as Content development, Web development and digital communication flore has been able to keep the light afloat. Their daily task involves an in dept research system, profiling and identification of artist making a difference in arts, design and architecture around Africa, though more work is in the pipeline to broaden her editing team and hiring more contributors around the world.


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With strong passion for design and arts, flore aim to change  African history by leaving a foot prints in the sands of time so the future generation knows what has happened in the past.Writing the history of the world can start now she said optimistically. Afrique designs is currently working on a new project that aim to make the invisible more visible.

‘In the City, we do not see the obvious things sometimes; we are not interested in them because they do not fit within society codes, what if an abandoned space or an everyday life object that we do no pay attention to was more valuable than all other existing and functional objects?

With a different approach in telling her artistic story, it would be less imagined before her blog becomes a global phenomenon, According to Flore: You may ask yourself what design has to do with all this but ADD, Afrique Design Daily identifies it as the uncollected design.


Photo: Gonzalo Guajardo, Vilalta Arquitectura

On advise to emerging entrepreneurs: if you start a magazine like ours, be patient and passionately love what you do.Embrace your work and cherish it. If you are satisfied, that is already success because a job well done begins with

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