Shop Sarauniya is an Ankara print fashion label founded in 2014. It is one of three brands under Sarauniya™(alongside sarauniya Makeovers &Sarauniya Academy). In its first few months, the label carried a simple range of ankara print bags and operated under a single tab on the Sarauniya Makeovers website. Just two years later, Shop Sarauniya has evolved into a full fashion brand with a national and international customer base. From gracing the runways of Accra Fashion Week in October 2016 to dominating the stage at Mens Fashion week Nigeria in December 2016, the brand is making its mark in the fashion arena.


Melvit team had a catch up with the founder on Instagram where she spoke about vision, commitment and passion about Africa and how she is using her fashion label to create change in her home country Ghana.  

Brand Name – Shop Sarauniya

Location – New York, USA

Hadiza developed an impeccable passion for prints at a very tender age

How did you decide to start this business? – I started my business on a whim. It was an idea that just came to me one day. Prior to this, I wasn’t groomed to be an entrepreneur nor did I have interest in becoming one. However, in retrospect, I see the many ways in which I was destined to be one.

Background of business + personal – I am an undergraduate student completing my final year at Ithaca College.

I founded Shop Sarauniya in 2014 when i was just 19 years old. My vision of bringing African print to the forefront of the fashion industry, paired with my passion for development in Africa, is the very essence of what the brand is.


All our designs are created in New York City and sent to Accra, Ghana where they are transformed into beautiful garments by a small team of seamstresses.

The motivation behind this approach is to create jobs in Ghana in the hopes of improving the social and economic status of women.

I have no formal education in business or management. My business and I are products of persistence and hard work. Business has been a journey for me, one in which I have discovered talents and abilities I previously did not know I had.

Customer base + Target distribution – The majority of my customers are based all throughout the United States. I do also have a significant following from people in European countries.

When did you start activities related to this business? – July 2014. However, the biggest change and growth has occurred within the last eight months.


What is your vision for this business? – We are dedicated to creating timeless garments but beyond that, a new narrative for Ghana and Africa at large. We chose Ghana as our place of production not only to keep our brand authentically African, but also and more importantly, to create jobs in the hopes of supporting the economic advancement of women.

 How many employees do you have? – 2

What is the processing time for each of the item produced? – Approximately 3 days

Company Focus – We aspire to be nationally and internationally recognized as an ethical fashion brand. Our short term goal (within 5 years) is to open a large workshop in Ghana. This will allow us to hire more seamstresses, thereby creating more jobs, increasing production and subsequently, increasing sales. We are also planning on opening our first boutique in Accra, Ghana. Our long term goal (within 10 years) is to have shops in the United States and in Europe.

How do you intend to change the African narrative? – To show that luxury can be produced in Africa; to share with the world, the talents that come out of Africa.

 Notable competitors locally + internationallyChen Burkett NY, Grassfields, Bombchel

What is your business strategy that has kept you ahead? – Consistency. We consistently produce garments, stay active on social media, etc.


Advice to entrepreneurs in this same business – Start wherever you are with whatever you have. If you wait until the perfect time, the perfect time will never come. Do however, do your research. Have a plan a strategy even if it is basic. It’ll save you a few mistakes and plenty money.

Brand Name – Shop Sarauniya

Motto – Creating jobs in Ghana, one seamstress at a time.

Phone Number – 6468936783 (business)

Business address – We are online

Email –

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Recognition – Accra Fashion Week 2016, Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria 2016