Scale is wealth in the digital world and only companies or entrepreneurs that successfully scale their business ideas would win in the end. The ultimate goal of any business is to build its platform based on loyal customers and users. Customers are the live wire of any business if they are not there it would be relatively impossible to scale or achieve anything meaningful with any business.

Many start-ups has over the years hire high level officers to help them scale but would still find it difficult to control the market in which they are really competing. Many times, investment to scale generate a whole new level of innovation though many companies have failed to institutionalize the game changing disruption that leads to sustainable growth.

Providing value and being able to attract the right customers are one of the greatest investment an organization can offer to its customers that would help it grow and scale easily.

Though some companies have been very lucky with growth and scaling their business ideas some has hit the rock in this process and liquidated without reaching the promised land. The first question an organization should provide its self with is what are they actually doing: You must be a master of something even if you are in a mass market business, there must be a specific customer problem you are solving and your value proposition should speak volume.

We have highlighted important factors that can help an organization scale easily:

Customer Service

Having a well mapped out customer service strategy would help build a good customer experience. Providing alternative channels such as emails, contact number, social media e.t.c to communicate would allow customers easily reach your organization at any point to lay out their complaints, inquiries and requests. You are most likely going to loose track of customers except you employ a solution that would help you track them across multiple channels.

CRM (customer relationship management) tools would help to fully understand your customers and can be integrated into your sales and marketing channels to further broaden your customer knowledge.

Tools like Microsoft Dynamic 365, Insightly, sales force and Zoho would help track customer relationship and interactions to improve on service rendered, sales data to help improve product offerings, track customer engagement and response to marketing campaigns. Some organization has gone a step further to introduce customer engagement department to enable them have a full profiling and segmentation of their customers using an in-house developed analytics tools to spur overall business success. With reference to the Pareto principle which argues that 20% of customer brings in 80% of an organization revenue, its necessary that organization keep tab on its major customers and prevent them from being dissatisfied. It is generally believed that it cost five time more to acquire customer than to keep an existing one.

Organization Structure

The way your organization is structured is as important as how it would experience growth. Speed, innovation is critical to growth, yet the legacy structure of an already established organization can be a great impediment, a start-up not well stratified to recognize the hierarchy of power and decision making would have problem with quick and prompt decision in responding to changes in market treads and customer behavior.

Persistent conflict within the workplace if not properly managed would not be helpful.

We have provided possible solutions to conflict resolution in workplace in our previous article. An organization digital growth strategy must tap into its long and short term vision with the right resources channeled towards fueling its growth. These is necessary to help coordinate a digital and good customer experience across every channels and to accelerate growth across all platform.


Product is your organization outside there,It needs to be visually appealing and intuitive in design across every functionality. There is no real need to follow the “latest trends” as long as your website is attractive, user-friendly and up-to-date on the design front.In order to get a wow on every first, make sure to incorporate high-quality and stunning images, simply because a great image can speak louder than words, and be more effective in telling your product’s story. people like perfectly designed website, easily navigable, colorful and with good user experience. The UI/UX should embody the beauty and the colors of your organization,Speed is also important to usability of your platform. if you are building your website in Africa, put in mind that it has to be mobile optimized and load with weak data.

47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less, about half of users will abandon a website that doesn’t load in 3 seconds.

A second delay in your page load translates to a 7% reduction in conversion rates. Every organization must understand an array of tools that would help them increase conversion and understand customer journey on the platform from logging in to their final behavior on the platform.


Most businesses in Africa would agree that marketing should not be done online only, it should also spread to offline locations to enable it reach people on both sides. Digital marketing can also be automated by allowing tasks, campaign and activities to be processed across multiple channels to improve on level of results for the organization. Examples of marketing automation tools include marketo, hubspot & pardot this tools would empower any organization to achieve results in leads management, Email, mobile, social, digital ads, web and analytics. Marketing automation also includes split-testing tools like Optimizely the world leading experimentation platform, which enables you to make the most of your marketing budget by optimizing for impact and experiment broadly across the entire customer experience, on any channel, any device, and any application.


Featuring in magazines and newspapers

Positive press is key for every business, having good relationship with the press would help every organization to grow. this is not difficult as you think and might even cost nothing depending on how you approach it. Many blogs like, and can help you share your story to the world in a very fantastic way. Blogs are always looking for people and companies to write about so if you have built a strong brand for yourself it would be easier for you to be featured. Its also appropriate to host on your website publications that has written about your company as that would help build a strong trust among visitors to your platform.


Without good partners you wount scale, you cannot be an island on your own. Hence, its necessary that you form partners with important players in the industry that you operate. Attending industry events whether it is a conference, trade-show or a networking meet, make sure to be present at such events alone or with your team.