Nigeria makes a lot of money from the oil industry, but it’s not only this “black gold” that keeps Nigerian economy growing. Agricultural products are also the base of the Nigerian economy, supplying food not only for most Nigerians but also exporting crops and fruits to other countries as well.

The agriculture sector is considered to be the strongest and most developed branch of the economy in Nigeria with Up to 30% of the population engaged in this industry. There are different sizes of businesses in the Nigerian agriculture: small, medium, and large scale businesses.
The two main groups of agricultural products in Nigeria are:
   *Products for national consumption
   *Products for export.

It is not only fruits and crops that take the biggest control in Nigerian agriculture branch. There are also cattle herding, fishing, and lumbering sectors being developed. In addition, fishing is also one of the booming agricultural sectors in Nigeria.
Export from Nigeria abroad:
According to U.S. Department of State Country Commercial Guide, Nigeria’s total agricultural income is estimated to be approximately US$1.6 billion per year.
There have been a lot of efforts made to improve the agriculture sector.
These days, Nigerian farmers and big companies do not only supply food to the local population, but export food to different countries.
In Nigeria, the agriculture sector takes the second place after oil sector and is the highest priority sector of the Nigerian government to develop. So because it is very profitable, it is crucial to export some products and earn money? Let’s see what kind of products Nigerians grow and export.
Top agricultural products in Nigeria
1. Ginger
2.  Cocoa and cocoa butter
3. Palm kernel oil extract
4. Sesame seeds
5. Sweet honey
6. Shrimps
7. Cashew nuts
8. Chili pepper
9. Cassava
10.  Rice
11: Wheat & Barley