Arts and crafts ; a form of decorative and fine arts that began in britain stand for the use of traditional craftsmanship using simple forms and everyday materials around us. This has paved the way for use of cow leather and other animal skins coining the term Exotic leathers as it applies to animal skins other than cow hide for decorative and accessories purposes.


Exotic Leather  is an inclusive term that really means any leather that is not made of cowhide used by Fashion designers and lovers of  the fine arts as basic material distinguished by its beauty, toughness and durability. It is actually a luxury option for fashion conscious individulas who seek to distinguish themselves from the everyday monotonous cow- hide leather. Now this could be a lot of other things but 1403Luxury focuses on Exotic leather like snake and crocodile which can be readily sourced from the African continent under strict  anti- poaching  and Wild life protection laws.

1403 Luxury, A brand born out of passion and crave for art and creativity focuses on targeting the high class women and men both internationally and locally showcasing the best of Africa Exotic leather. This is achievd by turning these leathers into accessories such as shoes, bags, slippers, bracelets, Folders, and many more.
1403 luxury with a 15 year experience in selling branded products was birthed a year ago with a strong guarantee that underscores the authenticity and legitimacy of its exotic leather. It sources skins from various  corners of the African continent like Sudan and Zimbabwe. The processing time for its exotic leather takes 2-3 week for its Crocordile, Snake and Lizard Skin.
Even though the market is tough with notable and well-grounded competitors like Gucci, Prada and the other house hold names in exotic leather, 1403 Luxury has adopted a business strategy that has seen positive responses from people locally & internationally.
Below are images from its recent recent collection.

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