Nigerians are always looking to travel to different countries around the world for numerous reasons. Most of these countries require visas in order to grant entry to travelers. It’s important to know how much these visas cost and how you can get them at the right time, so as to avoid being turned back at the airport.

We have compiled a list of some of the most sought after countries and the processes involved in obtaining their visas. Check it out.


SOUTH AFRICAN VISA: Being one of the preferred travel destinations in Africa, getting a visa into South Africa can take about 8 weeks. With authentic proof of financial capacity, you can get a South African visa which lasts about 3 months from the date of issuance. There are also a couple of other visa types such as; Business Visa, Corporate Visa, Medical Treatment Visa, Work Visa, etc.


US VISA: Topping the list of most sought after visas by Nigerians is the US Visa. It costs approximately $160 for a 2 year tourist visa which excludes visa agent fees. The full process for applying for this visa can be found here.


CANADIAN VISA: Getting a Canadian visa can cost between 185 to 190 Canadian dollars. The Canadian government may allow for extended stays on a tourist visa based on the quality of the application. Consultation fees, however, may differ according to visa agent patronized. More information about how to apply can be found here


UK VISA: Standing high in the list of highly sought visa countries, a visa from the UK for tourists lasts for a period of up to 6 months and can be gotten for a fee of between $100 – $130. Consultation fees might differ according to visa agent used. More details on the application process are available here.


DUBAI VISA: A Dubai visa comes in two forms; there is the short term visa which lasts for 30 days, and there is the long term visa which lasts 60 days. If after this, you still need to return to Dubai, then you have to re-apply. Some other visas applicable to Dubai include; Transit Visa, Service Visa, Work Visa. More information about application process can be obtained here.


TURKEY VISA: For a Turkish visa, getting one as a tourist would cost about 100 USD. A turkish visa typically stays valid for as long as 3 months. Other fees such as the agent fee, and cost of self sustenance during your visit might ensue. Some other Turkish visas include; Business Visa, Work Visa, Research Visa, Transit Visa.

QATAR VISA: Getting a Qatar visa takes between 4 – 15 working days, and the visa is valid for 2 weeks. There are different kinds of visas available for entry into Qatar, and each has a certain set of terms and conditions attached to it. Some of the visa types include; Transit Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa, Family Visa. Payment for the various visa types can be made at immigration offices.


AUSTRALIAN VISA: Getting a visa into the world’s 6th largest country typically takes about 4 weeks during which the visa is processed and a Transaction Reference Number(TRN) is generated. An Australian visa usually lasts for less than 3 months. Some other Australian visa types are; Student Visa, Partner Visa, Medical Treatment Visa, ETA, etc.


CYPRUS VISA: Getting a visa into Cyprus depends largely on your reasons for visiting. This is because there are two kinds of Cyprus visas namely; The short visa which lasts for 3 months and the long visa which covers anything above 90 days. Processing time is usually about 10 days. Other fees might arise aside the visa fee.


GERMAN VISA: A German visa is normally issued based on how long and what purpose you have for visiting. The short term visa which covers tourists and visitors alike usually remains valid for 90 days. While a long term visa covers people looking to study or probably relocate permanently. German visa types include Transit Visa, Working Visa, Business Visa, Student Visa, etc