Who wouldn’t love a Guilt Free Tasty Snack?? Anyone.  Whether behind the desk at work or navigating home in traffic in africa`s ever growing mega cities or simply waiting for the next meal. A healthy  crunchy  snack always makes the day.

Snack is a portion of food smaller than a regular meal eaten between meals .Snacks come in a variety of forms  including packaged snack foods and other processed foods as well as as items made from fresh ingredients at home.

Traditionally snacks were prepared from ingredient from the home. In today’s world processed  food with longer Shelf life and crunchy taste are finding their way into our eating habits and filling up the space for traditional snacks with huge profits for the business owners.

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With Globalization hitting the African continent & influencing its core cultures and her eating habits;  Snacks are becoming our comfort food  as they are  always ready  to eat ;very Crispy and crunchy too. The Snacking Industry as at March 2014 is a $374 billion worldwide with a an average  growth of 28% percent growth annually. According to Nielsen research west Africa contributed 9% to its growth with Lays, Ruffles, pringles, UTZ, & Kettle Brands topping the Charts Globally. Snack Manufactures are looking at tailoring their offerings of snacks so it appeals to the taste, ethnic, religion, Palate and Psyche of consumer thus opening avenues for snacking business growth in Africa especially vital for snack manufacturers needing a life line to stay afloat in the very competitive snacking industry.

Plantains are one of the basic starches in west Africa. Plantains look much like bananas but contains a lot more starch. it is a major food staple across west, central and east Africa, and also popular in central america, the Caribbean islands and northern, coastal parts of south america (such as Colombia and Venezuela.

It is very adaptable because it can be used in preparing savory dish; Snack or Dessert. Every  country in West Africa be it Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon or Cote D Ivoire has its own version of preparing Plantain Chips which are sold at every street corner and main stream restaurants any time of the day.

One of Africa emerging snacking brand from Ghana is Micky’s Foods. Leaving no stone unturned the founder aims to compete with western brands such as doritos, pringles, & lays in the African market. A purpose and vision driven start-up founded by Micheal  Mawuli Arkutu a graduate of Ashesi University in 2009 has cracked the bane of contention to the growth of local snacking business in Africa.

Though people always think profit is the driving motivation towards Ingenuity. Micky`s foods has proven otherwise with ground breaking patience, dexterity, research and continuous progress that had witness a slow but steady growth pattern to become an awaiting unicorn in this business.

There is a salient determination to out grow the already established brands and take hold of the market, with great positive feedback from random customers who had purchased its chips, constant continuous engagement with customers drives the future.

Micky’s  Plantain Chips  appeals to any one who appreciates affordable ,well packaged, crispy and crunchy traditional snacks on the the go with the sole target of becoming Africa – Frito-Lay ( An american subsidiary Of Pepsi co that manufactures ; markets and sells  snacks)

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By developing products that will transcend the oceans share tales and stories of the African continent. Micky Plantain Chips stands out in the African chips markets  as the icon of  a well packaged healthy, tasty and crunchy snacks with distribution lines all around west Africa from Ghana.


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