Businesses copy each other all the time! Who hasn’t seem to notice the Similarity between the I-phone and Samsung high Ended phones. Recently Instagram announced the addition of Selfie Filters similar to that of Snapchat arguing that over a period of time new invention is what every tech company seems to use to leverage. It is important to note that facebook started the news feeds which was later copied by linkein and twitter. Sometimes its a trend, while other times its full time copy. Most business looks at her competitors and try to “copy” something some claim its bench marking while others seems to agree with no argument.


Typically African open markets women will copy their neighbors business by switching from selling Banana to Yams Once they notice their neighbor seem to be mores sales from Yams. If fact most do not lay claim to any specific business model, all they want to do is make sales and be happy.

There are two types of coping; one is smart the other is “straight-up-stupid.”Smart copying involves innovation .This connotes respect and profitability .

Almost every new product , service or business model owes inspiration to something that came before . We wouldn’t have the Whatspps messaging if there was no blackberry messaging before it. The most important question in “copying” is how effectively are you copying and doing it right. Make no mistake, You will get into trouble for copying an idea the wrong way.

Copying a Business or an idea should only be make it better. Steve Jobs for Example didn’t really invent anything new. He only found a way of tweaking on an Existing Technology and and making it a Hit within the technological community.

Straight-up-Stupid copying is literally copy and paste. This is quite stupid because the original owners of the idea will find out, and when they do lawsuits might follow, while embarrassing articles with far reaching consequences will become a norm.

Straight-up coping is completely wrong . There is no moral justification to use somebody else idea without consent or proper clearance from the originator of the idea.However once you have successfully copied and tweaked a business idea be smart enough to apply stop gaps to prevent others from quickly doing same.