Culture and traditions are intricately woven into how people cook their food and weave their hair. To understand traditions of a group of people, how they eat, what they eat will give you a sneak peek into their culture. Ghana which means warrior is a former colony of the British empire which assumed a special prominence as one of the first country in west Africa to acquire independence in 1957.

Their basic diet consist of starchy staple foods eaten with spicy soup or stew. Corn is quite significant especially among the Ga and rice is also very popular eaten almost at every meal. Ever wonder why the Jollof rice war between Ghana an Nigeria still dont have a clear winner till date?

There are multiple regions in Africa who debate over the geographical origins of Jollof rice however, one of the most longstanding and popular debates between two regions, has typically been between Nigerians and Ghanaians.

The main argument over this debate is surrounded on which country invented Jollof rice, and whose tastes better. The reason for the debate is due to the huge popularity of Jollof rice, in regards to West African cuisine.

Both Nigeria and Ghana have shown consistent competitiveness over the debate as to who can serve the dish the best.The debate has gone so far as to even having organized contest shows, in order for famous critics from all over the world to taste, examine the differences, and give their overall judgments on either forms of the dish. Recently, social media has also become a popular tool for people to share pictures, and opinions over who serves the dish the best.

The traditional foods of Ghanaians can be seen from three broad categories; Spicy Ghanian foods ; the basic rice dishes and the ” vegetarian ” diet .

The basic rice dishes are the Omo-tuo, Waakye and the Famous Ghanian jollof rice which is the leading social media banter .

Waakye is served with fried plantain; garri or avocado. Jollof rice is prepared with tomato sauce and can be served with fish or meat . Omo-tuo is made from rice balls served with a variety of spicy soups.

The spicy Ghana foods will test your taste buds but make you crave for more.The favorite amongst the Accra people is the Kenke and Dried Fish. Kenke is a corn based staple prepared by mounding fermented corn doughs into balls and wrapping them with dried corn leaves.This dish is then served with a of hot pepper Sauce fried crabs or octopus or fish. A favorite side dish is the Kelewele. The Kelewele is prepared with a medley of hot pepper , ginger and garlic and served with plantain which gives it a crisp and strong aroma.

Red-Red is a typical Ghanaian food that stand out. Red-red is prepared from cow peas and unlike other Ghanaian foods, the spices are left out. the meal is quite suitable for vegetarians as no animal product is used in preparing this dish!

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