It was projected that by 2017, the beauty and cosmetics industry in Africa will have a worth of $13.2 billion. In 2014, a detailed article published by Forbes Africa with the goal of investigating the viability of cosmetic giant, L’Oreal expanding into the region made some revealing projections. Most notably is that 40% of the world’s population by 2030 will be Africans. Zeroing in on demographics, it was estimated that 60% of this figure will be under the age of 25. With such a young population at hand, there is no doubt that the demand for beauty products will be on the rise.

The beauty and cosmetics industry has an expansive net that includes soaps, make up, and hair. Products that are natural with less chemical additives/preservatives are favored over those with ingredients that cannot be easily pronounced. Consumers are becoming more label aware and conscious about what goes on their skin and in their bodies.

Entrepreneurs in Africa are taking notes of the trends mentioned above. In search of solutions to personal skin problems and those of friends, revolutionary brands are emerging. Black Rose Luxury, a brand founded by two friends with backgrounds in biomedical sciences and chemical engineering embodies this movement.

By solving a personal skin problem through the use of a family recipe passed on through generations, a range of organic skin care products was born. This range includes a liquid black soap and a skin brightening formula. Is it really possible to have a skin brightening formula that is natural you may ask?

Black Rose Luxury’s vision is “to empower people to take charge of their skin care; say no to chemicals and yes to nature’s own”.  Potash, one of nature’s own is a tried and tested exfoliator. The main ingredients of black soap, dried plantain barks and palm kernel are also extracted in their purest forms.

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Iron are infused into the skin when black soap is used. Black soap gained popularity in countries such as Ghana under the name Alata Samina. With plans to increase the number of distributors worldwide, Black Rose Luxury hopes to contribute to the growth of the Nigerian economy by exporting its home grown products.

Standardization of traditional formulas that work has been one of the greatest obstacles to consistency. Thus a brand such as Black Rose Luxury aims “to continue the production of authentic products in Nigeria of international standard.” With a scientist and chemical engineer at the helm of affairs, that has not be a problem. The duo can produce batch of soap from scratch to finish in 3 weeks.

Being young, female, and African, the founders of Black Rose Luxury hope to encourage entrepreneurship with the youth, especially females. From its early beginnings in 2015 to full scale production in September, 2016, these young women have seen their business grow. They hope “to inspire and show young Africans throughout the world that “there is an abundance of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and think outside the box.”

For the much desired change in African economies to happen, brands like Black Rose Luxury understand the need to influence the African market. There is an urgent need to be strategic with many other suppliers in the industry. This dynamic team mentions three strategies that have been employed during their years of doing business.

“Quality is everything and so we maintain our high standards regardless of the tides of the Nigerian economy whilst retaining affordability.

Customer satisfaction is paramount and for that reason we partner only with efficient distributors with excellent customer service such as Veestore. We are also constantly revamping our brand in other ways to satisfy our customers and keep them engaged.”

Black Rose Luxury from inception has shared all their beauty secrets with customers. “We are fully aware of the emotional and health problems bad skin may trigger. So the minute we discovered the wonders this product did for our skin, we knew this was a secret we had to share with the world”.

Cognizant that even with the best products and idea, an African entrepreneur’s path is not always easy, the founders of Black Rose Luxury advise, never rush the process or compromise your quality! Be prepared to encounter several setbacks. But keep in mind that they are opportunities for learning and innovation. Create a brand, grow your network and know your target audience. Nothing good comes easy, so keep grinding! Continue to step out your comfort zone, self-reflect regularly and acknowledge that there is always room for growth.”

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