Located in the city of Lyon in France, is the Channel chips that play host to an afro centrique showroom Naaka. A place where creations combining recovery, wood, leather, and all  African expertise. African art immediately invites travel, adventure and mysticism. Of amazing richness, it is always authentic and sincere. Our artists are at the crossroads of art and craftsmanship, ancestral know-how and an audacious freshness contemporary.

Naaka relays the creative energy of African designers, in a process of upcycling cooperative and environmentally responsible products. With offer ranging from furniture, accessories and decoration. The result: exclusive and original pieces mixing modernity and tradition, conceived in the heart of Africa.

The originality of Naaka’s partner designers lies in the skilful association of local wood of quality, leather, materials of recovery and an unlimited imagination. All parts are worked by hand. The creators favor the use of local resources and the recycling of cans, tanks or other spare parts. Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. They inspire in each of their works their history, the hope of a more equitable world and the pleasure they have taken in conceiving them. All this results in a set of unique pieces, sometimes similar, never identical.

The upcycling or surcyclage is to use objects and materials intended to be discarded in much better quality parts.This project was born during naaka`s president business trip to Burkina Faso. He was fascinated by the quality of the work done by artists (burkinabés) designers. With his partner Arnauld Plasson, they were able to promote beyond borders Burkinabe and African upcycling design ‘ Made in Africa’. Naaka works with the painter Seshie Kossi, Center Lukare and the designer Abou Sidibé.

Within a short period they have been able to lunch different offerings and program to help promote the growth of this venture.

Lukare Center
Downtown Lukare is a collective of designers but also a training center for the creation of furniture and design accessories. It is based in Burkina Faso.

Abu Sidibé
It offers a work between African root and universalism. His works bring to awareness of the spirituality of the material world.

Seshie Kossi
The Togolese Seshie Kossi painter accompanies Naaka with his abstract paintings that speak of nature and tradition.


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Photo credits: Naaka

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Aicha Flore Ouattara
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