Africa, a continent of over 1 billion people has over the years shown a increase level of attention to beauty and natural body products; this has led to an impressive growth of small time entrepreneurs making use of this opportunity to grow their portfolio of business whilst earning a living. With a stemming youthful population and a more beauty conscious populace the African cosmetics industry is expected to double its growth over the next 2 years.

Africa beauty and personal care market was estimated at 6.93 billion dollars in 2012 and has since then grown between 8% and 10% against a global market growth rate of 4%.

Markets such as South Africa (valued at $2.1bn), Nigeria (valued at $1.2 bn), and Egypt are fast growing and pose valuable assets to the African economy. In 2017, it is estimated that personal care and beauty would have reached a whopping 10 billion euros as the population of Africa reaches 1.2 billion people.

Before the end of the year, it is expected that 40% of African populations would be living in cities while this would increase to 60% by the end of 2050 with a population of over 1.3 billion people.  Major cities such as Johannesburg, Durban, Nairobi, Lagos, Cairo, Tunis and Accra receives troves of youthful populace who continue to seek opportunities in cities to enable them grow a future for themselves. This urbanization represents a positive trend for the beauty and personal Care market, since urban consumers are wealthier (urban incomes per capital are on average 80% higher than those of countries as a whole. According to Canback, Global Income Distribution Database, their spending trend is twice as fast as rural spending and they are more easily reached by brands thanks to their geographical concentration in specific areas and access to social media.




The current emerging digital economy in Africa has helped a lot of people access beauty and personal health care services, allowing young entrepreneurs make this product right from the comfort of their homes, and sell directly from their place of primary location.

The largest market in the Sub-Saharan region, South Africa, represented €3 billion in revenue in 2012 alone and has grown marginally since then to this present date.

The majority of sales in the country are made within structured distribution channels. By comparison, in other countries such as Kenya, only 15% of beauty and personal care products are sold in supermarkets. In Nigeria, the beauty and personal care market could reach €2.5 billion by 2017 making Nigeria the sector’s rising star in Sub-Saharan Africa. Products for hair and body care are predominant on the beauty market in Sub-Saharan Africa, where face products and make-up remain marginal but have a strong potential.

The beauty market is dominated by both local and international players and over the years; local producers market has increased in comparison to global penetration. Africa as a continent has also produced major beauty entrepreneurs who have conveniently competed against major players. The backdrop of an emerging beauty market has in turn created jobs for artisans in this industry.  Few among the globally recognized beauty entrepreneurs include Tara Fela-Durotoye – Founder of House of Tara(Nigeria), Shereen Makhanye – Founder of Nubian Nature (Pty) Ltd (South Africa), Tamarind Nott – Founder of Mbiri Natural Skincare(Namibia), Getty Choenyana – Founder of Oamobu Naturals – South Africa, Korkor Kugblenu – Founder of The Body Butter Company – Ghana, Terryanne Chebet – Founder of Keyara Organics – Kenya, Kerryne Krause Neufeldt – Founder of Eye Slices – South Africa, Thokozile Mangwiro – Founder of Nyla Naturals and Suzie Wokabi – Founder of Suzie Beauty Ltd – Kenya.


In the midst of this complex battle among international and local beauty brands, a unique fresh face has emerged, a South African lady by the name Nothende Maduno.  Nothende Maduno, fondly called Nothende, is trying to carve a niche for herself in this industry and her passion for this industry has left us in awe. Even with the prevailing male dominated early stage entrepreneurs prevailing in her home country South Africa.  In 2010 she made a decision that would change the African beauty and personal care market by taking a holistic approach to self-care.

An ardent user of coconut oil, which has over time proved reliable, so she decided to replicate that for other women. Her passion grew out of the need to understand the secret behind the success of the oil on her skin and how it would help other women have a great experience. This led to a research into other natural oil that could satisfy the need of other people in the society. Nothende came up with her own solution of natural lotion, shared with friends and families and they loved it. Though her first body butter was made in 2013, she fully monetized this venture when she realised that people started requesting for more of her products after their first experience.

A graduate of Audio-Visual communications from the University of South Africa, a vocalist, performance coach, music mentor and with a career spanning over 12 years, Nothende has spent most of her career in the entertainment industry and also owns & direct 147 entertainment a small corporation focused on art, artistic development, artist management and other music related function.

With the worldwide awakening to be proudly Black or African, “the natural skincare and hair care market is growing in leaps and bounds”, she said. In South Africa where she is located more women are opening themselves up to natural self-care. Entrepreneurs are making it huge in the market with an estimated growth rate of 10% per annum. Her beauty care line is majorly focused on Johannesburg and Durban, a city of over 14 million residents and highly civilized set of people.

the natural skincare and hair care market is growing in leaps and bounds

Nothende has received an immense level of supports from her friend and family as they seem extremely happy with her new venture and the progress she has been able to make over the years. Her vision is to see the brand grow into a global company that would compete against local and international brands. She aims to grow it into a full cosmetics range, with a chain of Yum.Me natural stores and centers around the country.

“I am very committed to growing this line into a household name”

she boldly said. In just 3 months of full operations our revenue line is steadily growing, and customer’s base has continued to increase with high level of repeat customers.

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An astute entrepreneur, she currently works from home and handles all the production, packaging, customer service and shipping. With a growing customer base, Yum.Me is open to investors from any part of the world and foresee a minimum amount of R250,000 to help her grow the business. Social media has been the major force through which she has reached her customers and the level of engagement has been very impressive. With a promise to ship worldwide, the reach of her natural products cannot be under emphasized.

I strongly believe that holistic approach should be used to solve the problem of nature with an improved level of benefits to all Africans

Nothende core aim in life through Yum.Me and other projects she has worked on is to have all Africans return to nature and the benevolence beneath it.

She explained, “I strongly believe that holistic approach should be used to solve the problem of nature with an improved level of benefits to all Africans”.

She aims to build this venture on the mind benevolence mentality, a trailblazer, strategist, and a believer in strong human resources management. Nothende aims to align the Yum.Me brand to enable fast brand growth and development, two of her notable competitors whom she wished be better off are Shea moisture and Mmane choice. Nothende claims it was difficult to get people to believe in her products enough from inception but she was able to turn her rough start into an advantage as the business continue to progress. Her advice to upcoming entrepreneurs, “be vigilant, learn, embrace mistakes but don’t make it twice and finally don’t stop believing in your vision even if it’s taking time”.





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