Delegation of duties has been found to help empower others, it is also a faster tool to replicate the growth and vision of any organisation while building team in the lower and middle level management. When lower and middle level employees are empowered they grow swiftly and make well informed decision to the benefit of the organization. 

Division of labour has been found to lead to effective and efficient decision making and has helped improve on the result of any task assigned. The terminology teamwork is now widely known due to the level of commitment needed by each participant. Some people generally believe they work better when together than when they are assigned task to work on individually. So what really is the importance of team work and how important is it towards achieving better results in any organization?



If we should go by the norm, it is generally believed that every member should comply and work in accordance with the direction of others without any rift. If every member should be without rift and disagreement then it should raise an alarm of ineffectiveness. This argument has led to the emergence of productivity group work. it is often generally agreed that it is better to start with the work rather than starting with the team. The critical question is does all work call for teams? To avoid repetitive operations, you must understand that rounding up loners and making them a partaker is a disadvantage. Introverts need work suitable for introverts while extroverts need work appropriate for extroverts.


The Points below are critical factor that promotes team work.

1) Work Should be designed to fit the person

To establish a good team work you must have dedicated enough time to answering questions that is related to the task due. D0 some responsibilities needs to be delegated? If so, which ones exactly and with whom would it be shared? Which responsibilities should be assigned to individuals and made subject to personal accountability? Which tasks are critical in timing? A good manager should be able to manage the interface between team roles and work roles. Without empowerment and balance  young team would become unable to be developed into mature teams.

2) Rewarding a team appropriately

Performance management and the metric used in evaluating each team needs to be appropriately calculated. Both quantitative and qualitative methods should be used in accessing the effectiveness of the team work. As the saying goes, anything that gets measured is always done. Assessing teams positively and constructively would help build a commitment level among team members, rewards should also be in tandem with the level of work done and it should be meted objectively across board in the organization.