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Best Malls to Shop In lagos

Seller Exposé, Trends

Shopping to some people is a tedious activity involving lots of planning and stress, while some other people enjoy shopping and do it for fun. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important for the shopping…

cape verde, holidays, hotels, visit,booking, discount, cheap, hotels, rooms, night, wedding, vacation, africa

Tips For Planning a Last Minute Vacation

Fashion & Lifestyle, Trends

Tips For Planning A Last Minute Vacation For most working class individuals, leisure travel requires increasingly tedious planning. Due to busy work schedules and other life responsibilities, most leave making travel plans till the last…

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Lafarge Suffers, Buhari Reruns, Investors flee

Lafarge Africa has revealed that it posted a loss of N34.6bn after tax, on the back of a profit of N16.9bn last term. This was clearly as a result of a disappointing Half Year, which...

Top Visas Nigerians Are Interested In, Cost And How To Get Them

Nigerians are always looking to travel to different countries around the world for numerous reasons. Most of these countries require visas in order to grant entry to travelers. It’s important to know how much these...